2014 - Baxter came from the Yuma pound. He was adopted by a pretty young lady named Anjali. He had a happy life  and brought joy to her. He is missed.

to those we lost but will not forget


11/23/2015- Duffy was an owner surrender due to allergies. He was adopted by Rosemary and Norm who loved him very much and gave him a great home. He will be missed.


9/5/2015- Abby came from the pound in Tucson. She was a bite dog and could not be adopted.


9/12/2012- 7yr old Shih Tzu. Came to us from the pound with sever mange. We spent 5 months getting her healthy enough to be spayed and to have a mammary tumor removed. It was cancer. She was adopted by a wonderful couple and lived with them for 3 months.



Ginny's owner had died and she came to live with us. She had sever damage from Valley Fever. 


1/7/2017- Misty was adopted by Larry and very much loved. 


9/7/2013- 14yr old Westie. Owner surrender. She was with us for a month.


04/11/2016 - She was my first Westie and as cute as could be. She was very timid and it took a year before she gave me my first kiss. It took about two years before she would stay in a room with a stranger in it. She was 14 years old and the sister to Duffy who passed away in 2015. I love and miss her very much.

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10/07/2015 She was adopted about 2 1/2 years a go and was very much loved.


9/23/2013-15yr old Westie. Taken to the pound by her owners. She was with us 5 days.


6/30/2011- 16yr old Schnauzer. She was with us for 10 years.



5/24/2014- 14 yr old Westie taken to the pound by his owners.He was with us for 2 weeks


8/27/2014- 9yr old Westie mix. Came to us to see if we could help. Was recovering well. I thought he was going to make it and then he died.


9/4/2012- Westie mix. She came from the pound with her friend Buffy. She was with us for 2 weeks.


11/7/2012- 12yr old Shih Tzu mix.  He came from the pound and was a matted mess. We had him for 10 years.