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Are you Ready for the Responsibilities of having a Dog?

Ask yourself the following questions, and answer them honestly. Evaluate your current life situation.

1. Is your home large enough to comfortably house a dog? Dogs should never be expected to live their lives confined to one small area, such as a single room or a crate.

2.Do you have enough free time to provide a dog with the attention he needs? More than eight hours alone is not advisable for most dogs.

3. Will you be willing and able to provide a dog with ample exercise every day? Most dogs need at least one hour of exercise each day.

4.Will other pets and members of the family be comfortable with having a dog? Allergies, phobias and dislikes of dogs, and nervous or ill pets are things to consider before adopting a dog.

5. Are you willing to provide a home, medical care, and appropriate nutrition for the duration of a dog's life? A dog is not disposable; he is a lifelong commitment.

6. Are you able to financially afford annual checkups, vaccines, heartworm and flea prevention, emergency room visits, quality dog food, and any other needed pet supplies. A puppy's care costs about $640 to $1,125 in his first year. Routine maintenance of an adult dog costs about $440-$775 per year.

7. Are you willing to handle the normal frustrations that come with having a dog (e.g. barking, house-training, accidents in the home, chewing, shedding, etc.)? No dog is perfect.

8. Are you willing to spend time on a consistent basis helping your dog to be obedient, socialized, and well-mannered? A polite dog will be more enjoyable and easier to handle in public.

Being a pet parent  can be one of life's greatest joys. I hope this helps you. Sharon